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So what is the Defective Concrete Crisis?

Over a decade ago, a crisis quietly emerged in Ireland, one that has profoundly impacted thousands of homeowners. During this period, many homes were constructed using concrete blocks, which, unbeknownst to residents at the time, contained materials susceptible to a destructive process called internal sulphate attack, due to pyrite and pyrrhotite.

This crisis has caused homes to deteriorate so badly some are already uninhabitable with thousands more rapidly following this fate.

And what are the Redress Focus Groups?

Redress Focus Groups Committee:

Founder & Chairperson: Roisín Gallagher

Vice Chairperson: Peter Fox

Secretary: Karen Hamilton

Vice Secretary: Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Treasurer: Margaret Patton Plunkett

Volunteer Coordinator: Libby Mimnagh

Social Media Coordinator: Jess Harkin

The Redress Focus Groups were created by Defective Concrete homeowners in Donegal in January 2023. With an acute awareness and foresight in to the enormity of this crisis we knew that it would take an army of people to come together to help fix it.

Breaking the crisis down in to its many issues meant the right people with the same skillsets would be able to come together so thats what we did and from there began, the Redress Focus Groups.

As a support network we are not affiliated to any political party, but are here to support all affected property owners. We are not part of the the Mica Action Group, who are dealing with the Scheme and the Government directly.


Latest News

The People’s Document Meeting, March 26th 2024

The People’s Document Meeting, March 26th 2024

The Inishowen Gateway, Tuesday 26th March at 7pm. This meeting is incredibly important, and it's essential for us to show up in significant numbers to illustrate the real essence of 100% redress.Video from first People's Document meeting

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A true 100% Redress Scheme

A true 100% Redress Scheme

With an important election year ahead, homeowners affected by the Defective Concrete Crisis are being urged by Donegal campaign groups to attend an important meeting on 4th March 2024, 7pm at the An Grianan Hotel, Burt to have their say on what a true 100% Redress Scheme looks like.

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Working on 10 Major Issues of the Defective Concrete Crisis

Vision Statement

Redress Focus Groups envisions a community where property owners affected by the defective blocks crisis in Donegal are empowered and supported in addressing the practical and emotional challenges we face.

We strive for a future where property owners take the lead in their futures, our children's futures and the future of Donegal so that we regain confidence in our properties, find resolution to the issues, and rebuild our lives resiliently with renewed hope and security.

At Redress Focus Groups, we stand united with the Defective block -affected community, providing them with a supportive network, a platform for collective action, and a beacon of hope.

Together, we work towards a future where justice is served, homes are safe, and the voices of those impacted by the Defective Block Crisis are heard and respected.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Redress Focus Groups is to empower and facilitate property owners affected by the defective blocks crisis in Donegal.

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to provide a platform for homeowners to bring forward and share experiences, knowledge, and resources, enabling them to tackle the 10 major practical and emotional issues they encounter.

Our mission is to advocate for fair and comprehensive solutions, secure support services, and drive positive change in policies and regulations.

By fostering a supportive community, we seek to provide a trusting and supportive place, empowering individuals, and promote the well-being and resilience of homeowners impacted by the defective blocks crisis.

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